Before joining the journalism world in 2005, I spent 15 years doing consulting and freelance contracting within the IT space. My main focus was on infrastructure management and security.

My journalism career lasted for more than a decade. I was privileged to work with lots of talented writers and editors at several news organizations. I was even fortunate enough to win multiple awards for my work. But I needed a change.

After leaving journalism in 2018, I started working with a well-known, but otherwise unnamed security company doing threat research and publications. Honestly, I like being back in the security industry. Despite the ups and downs, it was a rewarding and challenging experience.

In 2022, I moved on to another security company, where I have a larger editorial and security research role. At present I lead a staff dedicated to narrative-driven story development for the global portfolio and product marketing team. My aim is to take the sales out of corporate messaging and tell stories with impact. So far, it’s working.

I’m a father of two, grandfather of two, current host of Technical Outcast, and a former co-host of the Southern Fried Security Podcast. If you want to know more, just get in touch. Email <Steve (at) this domain>, if you’d like. However, Twitter (so long as it’s around) is the fastest method of contact.

You can find me on GitHub, Twitter, or InfoSec.Exchange.

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